Through Dance from the Heart, participants often release stress and tension and feel more self-compassion, connection and community. 

Dance from the Heart is composed of 7-steps using the elements to help you:
  • Ground in your body
  • Listen to your heart
  • Connect to a heart-felt intention or dream
  • Release any fears or limiting beliefs 
  • Embody your intentions with movement

In each class, we set intentions to gently release anything holding us back and move forward more easily to embody our visions for our life and world. 

You are guided through the movements and encouraged to move in your own unique ways. People can participate in Dance From The Heart while standing, sitting, lying down, and even totally still.

You don't need any prior dance experience; it is for all bodies and abilities

Anyone can Dance from the Heart

In each class, we move through 7-energies inspired by the elements of nature to envision, ground, connect, release, replenish, embody, and affirm our visions for our life and world.

In this weekly class, our intention is to co-create a movement space for:

  • Building Community
  • Giving & Receiving Support
  • Exploring and Cultivating our own Embodied Movement Practice

Dance from the Heart is a Healing Movement Practice that Supports us in Reconnecting to our own Bodies and Spirits

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Free Weekly Dance from the Heart Class Online at Wednesday 6pm PT

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