Plus! An exciting special announcement about our org - get the first scoop at our event! 🤩⁠ 

Our biggest event yet features 15 unique workshops with over 20 local healers, artists, and community organizations, and is a fully-masked outdoor event.⁣  

release stress, unleash the restorative power of our creativity, and break free from the myth that we have to do it alone

Featuring a diverse mix of over 30 local nonprofit organizations, wellness providers and healing artists at El Sereno Community Garden!

  • Visit a variety of FREE community health resources, 
  • interactive workshops, and 
  • hands-on activities that celebrate ancestral wisdom and offer 
  • accessible mental health tools that meet you where you are.

We gather on Saturday,
May 25th from 12-5pm
El Sereno Community Garden!

Find your center in the lushness of the garden and celebrate Ancestral Wisdom

Explore and cultivate practices for our mental health and wellness that move us from burning out in isolation to burning brightly together!

Join us for a day of healing arts and movement to reconnect with our Mind, Body, Spirit and each other




Release! Unleash! ¡LIBÉRATE!
- Saturday, 5/25 | JOIN US! -

"I arrived at this event feeling overwhelmed and low after a difficult week.

After yoga, a sound bath, nourishing food, and the beautiful spirit of community you created, I left feeling refreshed and alive." ⁠

- Anonymous Well:spring attendee⁠


"Thank you so much! I hope that this event becomes a model for future events all over LA."

- Anonymous Attendee⁠ 



Such a beautiful day for
community healing!!!!"


We maintain the garden so that it can be used for events like these.

It's a joy to support your efforts and giving local community members access to these resources and introduce people to the garden who might not otherwise know us or have a reason to visit.⁠

-Richard Ziegelmann, ESCG Steward and Attendee⁠ 


Our third 'Day of Community Care' for 2023, an outdoors event that supports mental health and wellness through the healing arts and movement at El Sereno Community Garden.

Video created by Lola Salgado.

Fall 2023 Day of Community Care - Oct 21st, 2023

Join us for the next one and see video clips of our past events below!

Day of Community Care at El Sereno Community Garden. The event, sponsored by CalMSHA, supports mental health and wellness through the healing arts and movement.

Video created by Lola Salgado.

Summer 2023 Day of Community Care - June 17th, 2023